The Best Apps to Follow the Events of the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, held from July 23 to August 8, up to 11,091 athletes are expected to compete in 339 events across 33 sports.

In the midst of this intense competition, it becomes challenging to keep track of the daily games calendar—the list of leaders, medals, and winners.

However, having an app on your smartphone would allow you to follow all the Olympic events in real-time.

Olympics App

The official application of the International Olympic Committee allows you to get the latest updates, news, and competition dates. As well as a live broadcast of the coronation moments.

You can also customize the app, choose your favorite sport, country, and athlete, and get real-time notifications.

The app also allows you to play a Tokyo 2020 Fanzone to test your knowledge about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. And all the previous events.

The application is freely available for Android devices users in Google Play and users of iPhone devices in the App Store.

Olympic Channel App

The application provides you with continuous coverage of the events of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, in real-time, via audio and video. Like crowning moments and notable events.

Additionally, you can learn about what is going on behind the scenes—interviews with athletes worldwide. And a follow-up on original programming about the Olympics in all languages.

The application is freely available for users of Android devices in Google Play.

Medal Standings Olympic App

If you are only interested in knowing the standings of the countries and medals awarded in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This application will enable you to know the final standings in real-time.

It allows you to know the position of countries and their rank in terms of medals achieved in each sport separately. Or you can review the general ranking at any moment.

The application is freely available for users of Android devices in Google Play.

Tokyo Gold app

The app allows you to keep up to date with all the events and results of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. You can create a list of your favorite sports to get the latest news about them.

The application also offers the display of medals and winners’ positions, calendars, and schedules related to competitions and all events in real-time.

In addition, the app makes it easy to find out about upcoming events and events that have ended in your local time, making it one of the best apps to follow the 2020 Tokyo Olympics so far.

The application is freely available for users of Android devices in Google Play.