Money Heist Season 6 Hinted by Alex Pina! Read All About It Here

Money Heist Season 6

Money Heist Season 6

The 5th season of Netflix series “Money Heist” is yet to be released but fans have already started asking questions about the Money Heist Season 6. The showrunners haven’t renewed the show for the Money Heist Season 6 yet. So, what does this say about the fate? Let’s discuss!

The upcoming 5th season will be released in the form of 2 volumes; and it is said that the show will be wrapped up meaning there won’t be any more seasons after the 4th installment. But as Netflix has not confirmed this news yet we still have hope left. 

However, if things work out for Money Heist and the show gets renewed for one more season. Then how will the story proceed? And will the original cast return? You’ll read all about this in detail below!

Money Heist Season 6 Release date

As the show hasn’t been renewed yet there is no release date for Money Heist Season 6 either. It will naturally come after the 5th season so don’t expect it to release any time before 2023 or who knows even later than that!

But we don’t need to worry about this problem because most likely Alex Pina will not renew the show for one more season. 

Money Heist Season 6 Cast

The cast of Money Heist Season 6 depends on how the writers want to continue with the story. If the season will revolve around a completely different heist then expect major cast changes for the 6th installment. The potential cast members include:

The finale of the 5th season will also play an important role in the cast of the 6th season. So, we’ll have to wait until the upcoming installment premieres on Netflix. As there are no confirmed members for the cast we can’t promise anything. So, it is better to not keep any expectations for now!

Money Heist Season 6 Plot

It is very difficult to predict the plot for Money Heist Season 6 because the 5th season has not been released yet. But if the upcoming season ends on a major cliffhanger then the story will most likely continue from there. However, the theme of heist will be present in the 6th season and the entire story will revolve around it.

As there is no plot synopsis for the 6th season so far there is nothing present for us from which we can predict the plot.  But there are very few chances of Money Heist seeing the green light for a 6th season so it is useless to worry about the storyline! But miracles happen all the time and we are hoping for one!

Plus Netflix has a history of creating “spin-offs” to popular shows. So, if the franchise ends with the 5th season then don’t lose hope because in the future we might get to see some sister shows; which usually revolve around individual characters. When will these spin-offs be released? We have no clue whatsoever!


There is no trailer or teaser for Money Heist Season 6 but if the show gets renewed then expect the trailers to come out 4 to 5 months before the premiere of the 6th season. Meanwhile you can watch the teasers for the 5th season on YouTube!

Unfortunately due to lack of credible sources, this is all that we could gather for Money Heist Season 6. But if you want to learn more about the show’s upcoming season; then you can read this article which has almost everything that you need to know!