Buddy Vs. Duff: An Unexpected Tie for The Season 3 Finale

Buddy Vs. Duff

Well, for all the food lovers, we all have got a lovely treat tonight! The renowned show, Buddy vs Duff, took the meaning of monsters to a whole new and scary level! 

But first, let’s do a little recap on what happened last time before we began diving into more details!

Buddy vs Duff, What is the Show About?

The show follows a series of competitions between Buddy Valastro, Cake Boss and Duff Goldman, a.k.a Ace of Cakes. They have a face-off in the form of an epic baking competition to determine who the undisputed king of cakes is. The challenge takes place over six weeks, where it tests every artistic aspect of the bakers. Each episode consists of two rounds that measure the baking talents based on technique, taste, and design skill. 

Thus, the bake-off assesses our contestants’ baking abilities and showcases how creative they can be with their imagination and decorating skills. 

The series has had three seasons so far, with Buddy and Duff each winning one, respectively. The show returned for a third season on July 18th 2021.

What Happened Last Time?

The Theme

Episode seven’s theme was Architectural Wonders. Of course, when one hears that phrase, a particular building or structure comes to mind, like the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China. However, one’s perception of what an architectural wonder differs from person to person. Indeed, both teams took a different approach to the theme’s representation.

Varying Approaches

Team Buddy explored the ancient pyramids of Egypt and the wonders of the Sphinx. At the same time, Team Duff baked their cake with a bigger picture in mind. They fashioned a beautiful treehouse. The vastly different cake displays highlight the main differences between the two teams.

Buddy always leans a little towards the traditional side, as seen in his cake displays over the seasons. The visualisation and recreation is spot on, but it always has one foot in reality. Similarly, the Egyptian scene looks like it sprang out of a book with every detail in place. 

Duff’s fresh take on the theme indeed scored total points for thinking out of the box! The treehouse was an architectural feat and, all in all, a visual masterpiece. Not all appreciated his approach on the treehouse, but Team Buddy is relatively rigid in interpretation like this.

Final Score

The final score, a first-time occurrence in the show’s history, showed a tie!

The Monster Themed Finale

The ultimate tie-breaker! With Buddy’s radioactive dinosaur and Duff’s terrifying Franken-toy, who won? 

Well, Team Buddy’s cake did hold many similarities to their previous designs; it took impressive skill to balance it on two legs. A bonus was the detailing on the sugar spikes. But, in the end, it was yet another giant animal.

Team Duff’s idea to combine the various toys into a hideous looking doll called Marty was creative yet equally creepy. Unfortunately, it seems like the creepiness had shaken the judges a little too much, for the winner of the third season is Team Buddy! 

Well, congratulations to Buddy and his raving dinosaur!

Though there are no concrete plans for a season 4 to date, fans certainly hope to see more epic bake-offs so, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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